Types of membership

  • Fellow Membership*
    • $75 annually
    • Must also be a AAPA member
  • Associate Membership*
    • $75 annually
    • For non-AAPA members
  • Retired Membership
    • $50 annually
  • Student Membership
    • $25 annually
  • Pre-PA Student Membership
    • $25 annually
  • Honorary Membership
    • No fee
  • Corporate Membership
    • $500 annually
  • Friendship Membership
    • $50 annually
  • Physician Membership
    • $75 annually

* Indicates eligible voters


See below for descriptions of each membership as defined in the VIAPA bylaws


Section I     Membership Requirements

Membership in VIAPA shall consist of men and women of good moral character who recognize their obligation to ensure competent medical care and to protect the health, safety, welfare and dignity of all humans.  These persons must also meet the requirements for membership as determined by the VIAPA Board of Directors.

Section II     Membership Classes

A. Fellow members- A fellow VIAPA member shall be a fellow member of the AAPA.  A fellow member shall be a PA who is a graduate of a PA program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the PA (ARC-PA), or by one of its predecessor agencies (Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation [CAHEA], Commission on Accreditation of Allied health Education Programs [CAAHEP]) or who has passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) or an examination administered by another agency approved by AAPA.  Fellow members shall be entitled ot the privilege of the floor, full voting privileges, and to hold office.  Fellow members shall receive all benefits of the organization.  Fellow membership dues are $75 annually.

(1) A hardship membership rate is available to individuals who qualify for fellow membership but whose special circumstances make payment of dues an unreasonable hardship.

B.  Associate members- An associate VIAPA member shall be an individual who qualifies for fellow membership, who elects not to join AAPA.  Associate members may be active in VIAPA affairs, but may not participate in issues relating to the AAPA, such as voting for delegates, submitting resolutions, or representing the VIAPA in the AAPA House of Delegates.  Associate members shall be entitled to the privilege of the floor, privilege of voting on non-AAPA issues and eligible to hold non-officer positions within VIAPA.  Associate memberhsip dues are $75 annually.

C. Retired members- A retired VIAPA member shall be a PA who is a former AAPA fellow member who has chosen to retire from the profession, and opts to be classifed as a retired VIAPA member.  Retired members shall be entitled to privileges of the floor, but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.  Retired membership dues are $50 annually.

D. Student members- A student member shall be an individual who is enrolled in an ARC-PA or successor agency approved PA program.  Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws with respect to the election of the Student Director, student members shall not have the privilege to vote or hold office.  Notwithsatnding the preceding sentence, onse student shall be elected by his/her peers to sit on the VIAPA Board of Directors and this Student Director shall have and enjoy all rights and privileges of any other board member.  Student membership dues are $25 annually.

E. Pre-PA Student members- A pre-PA student members shall be an individual seeking enrollment in an ARC-PA approved PA program or a program actively seeking accreditation.  Pre-PA student members do not have floor privileges, voting privileges, and may not hold office.  Pre-PA student members may be ex-officio members of VIAPA standing committees.  Pre-PA student membership dues are $25 annually.

F. Honorary-Honorary membership may be conferred by the VIAPA upon non-PAs who have rendered distinguished service to the PA profession.  Honorary members shall have all the rights and privileges of VIAPA with the exception of voting, or holding office.  All honorary members shall be exempt from the payment of dues.

G. Corporate members- Corporate members are pharmaceutical companies or other medically oriented groups or institutions.  These corporate members may not vote, hold office, chair or serve on an appointed committee, except in an advisory capacity.  They are entitled to floor privileges and may receive publications and discounts.  Corporate membership dues are $500 annually.

(1) Individuals within these organizations are encouraged to join as Friendship members.

H. Friendship members- Non-PAs who wish to associate with VIAPA.  These members shall not vote, hold office, chair or serve on an appointed committee, except in an advisory capacity.  Friendship membership dues are $50 annually.

I. Physician members- Physician members are physicians who are licensed to practice in the United States of America who wish to associate with VIAPA.  These members may not vote, hold office or chair committees.  Physician members may serve on committees, are entitled to privileges of the floor, and shall receive publications and discounts.  Physician memberhsip dues are $75 annually.

Section III     Membership Applications

All applications for membership shall be made in writing or submitted electronically on an application provided by VIAPA.  Applications will be reviewed and approved or rejected by the Membership Committee.  All rejected applications will be reviewed by the Board for final determination.

Section IV     AAPA Voting

AAPA members who belong to more than one constituent organization may vote on AAPA issues in only one constituent organization.

Section V     Charges Against Other Members

To protect the public against misconduct, any member may, in good faith, prefer charges against any other member who is believed to have violated the principles of medical ethics or the rules and regulations of VIAPA, or who is believed to be otherwise guilty of conduct justifying censure, suspension or expulsion from VIAPA.  Such charges shall be brought in the manner specified in the VIAPA Policy Manual.